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19 May 2017

Year 10 students of Be Creative have been busily working to produce some amazing paintings on canvas. The focus for Unit 1, was based around creating a facsimile (replica) of a renown artist’s painting.

Students researched how some of history most revered artists initially emulated the works of other talented individuals, as part of their classical art training. They discovered how this form of practical based learning could improve their understanding of artists’ working methods, through the examination of their skills and techniques.

Students selected an artist’s painting they wished to replicate after completing a series of practical painting exercises designed to inform their skill area. Once individual’s confidence in achieving desired techniques were established, it was time to get painting on canvas. The end results showcased students’ remarkable skills and techniques while paying homage to a diverse range of master artists. The level of talent in this class is nothing less than wonderful and the students themselves, a delight.

I hope you enjoy observing the works, as much as I enjoyed facilitating the creation of them.

Natali Alic Visual Arts Teacher