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Camp Koala - Student Reflection

05 August 2016


Camp Koala

There are a lot of ‘what if’s’ running inside my brain as we drive in a pleasantly calm 17th of July to Camp Wyuna located in Bellarine Peninsula. What if I will just make a fool out of myself?  What if I bore them when I’m going to present about Lara?  What if I always stutter when I try to talk to them? What if they will find me weird?  What if I will be a loner all throughout the camp and so on?  But those what if’s vanished as I met the 30 young people and of course the facilitators that I will be hanging out in my one week stay in the Lion’s Club program, Camp Koala.

            I am very blessed and thankful that I said yes and grabbed this opportunity to attend Camp Koala because there were a lot of ‘never thoughts’ that I encountered in this camp. I never thought I could pull off a presentation and hear flattering feedback because public speaking is not my forte or I should say I’m kind of scared when it comes to dealing with crowds. I never thought I would enjoy playing volleyball for more than 15 minutes because I hated the pain that it gives me. I never thought I’d go bike riding in a big bunch and discover Queenscliff in a ‘The Amazing Race’ set up (TV Game Show) which made me count more than a thousand steps! I never thought I’d go canoeing and be wowed by listening into a marine biology lecture. I never thought I’d be cruising Port Philip Bay, learning how gold is made in Sovereign Hill, be a staggering 300 meter above sea level (credits to Eureka’s Sky deck ’89) and wander around Melbourne for almost 7 hours with amazing and fun people I barely know. And my biggest never thought, being in a one week camp building friendships with wonderful international-based people, the people who ignited my self esteem to make my ‘never thoughts’ possible.

            This temporary outdoor living of mine ended with slight emotional pain and tears but compared to our laughs, our awesomeness and our memories together, it was all worth the cry.

            When I was on my way home on the 23rd of July, eating my comfort food and ice cream, my mind composed a moral note that goes like this, ‘Bail yourself out of that self-doubt barrier, always be positive, flaunt your smile and confidence and you will eventually find the people that will make your ‘never thoughts’ attainable’.  In short, just do it… say yes to opportunities and be adventurous… trust me, you will see how majestic life can be.

I travelled in 16 different countries and met their beautiful citizens without even having a single plane ticket… and that for me is the magic of Camp Koala.

(P.S. Our journey as friends did not stop, we are still in contact via Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Hahaha)