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Centre Stage Pantomime Performance Review

12 June 2015

Written by Kaitlyn and Jorja, Year 10.

On the 26th of May, the Year 10 Centre Stage group with the help of Miss Pearson, our new teacher here at Lara Secondary College, created a wonderful pantomime performance about ‘The Ugly Duckling’, which we performed to the Grade 1 students from Lara Primary School. The Year 10’s spent numerous weeks putting together and rehearsing the play. The show was a complete success. The children loved it so much they asked the Year 10’s to perform again in the Drama Room at LSC, for a number of other Primary School classes.

From Miss Pearson:

Congratulations to the Year 10 Centre Stage students for pursuing their Pantomime Project and bringing it to final fruition for the joy of our young audiences. Grade 1 students from Mrs. Bennett’s class at Lara Primary School forwarded their appreciation to the Year 10 students saying “Thank you for your fabulous, excellent, awesome, wonderful, amazing and fantastic show! We loved it!...We loved the props, the setting, the acting, the costumes, the lights, the bow at the end, the curtains and the story. We loved everything about it!” I look forward to the encore production before the end of the school term. Well done to all.