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FIT TO PLAY HIKE August 2015

21 August 2015

On the 5th -7 th August the Fit To Play class went on a three day hike up to the Grampians, as part our curriculum for Term 3. Once we got everything on the bus we headed off. We stopped at a road house on the way for lunch and after a long drive up there we arrived in Halls Gap. Once we got there we stopped at the shops to buy our things for dinner, then we went to our campsite where we were staying for the next three days. When we got there everyone pitched their tents and got ready to go to a few lookouts. The first one we went to was Mackenzie Falls. It was such a beautiful place to walk through. Once we got back to the bus we went to Reeds Lookout and The Balconies; it had such a great view from The Balconies and when you walked through the area it was lovely and peaceful. Then we went back to the campsite to cook our dinner for the night. Once everyone had tea we set a fire going, we all sat around the fire and had a great night talking. Slowly people started going to sleep. The next morning once everyone woke up and were ready, we stopped at the supermarket before we started our hike. When everyone was ready we set off on the Wonderland trail. At first it seemed easy but slowly became harder. It was a hard walk but was heaps of fun. When we got to the Wonderland car park we knew we were almost at the top. It was challenging going up lots of stairs but when you saw the view from the top of the pinnacle it was amazing. When we finally reached the pinnacle the view was amazing and the battle of climbing up all those stairs and rocks finally seemed worth it. Once we finished the hike we went to the Boroka Lookout where you could see great views. Then we went back to the campsite to get ready for dinner, then we set another campfire and then had our own ‘The Voice’. The next morning we packed up the tents and headed back to Lara. Overall it was a great hike, heaps of friends and lots of laughter. The hike was great fun, great views and great people! Cold nights but wonderful days.