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Lara hosts Regional Hands On Learning meeting.

23 May 2016

On Monday 18th of April, Aaron and Rob from the Lara Hands On Learning program, hosted the Geelong Regional Hands On Learning Artisans and Teachers meeting for Term 2.

Representatives from the 5 Geelong schools who operate the Hands On Learning program (Bellarine Oberon, Grovedale, Northern Bay and Lara) were shown around the Lara Hands On Learning shed. They heard about the recent stage construction and were shown some of the project work including the recycled pallet furniture and the billy cart.

After morning tea the representatives toured the community garden, viewed the work there including the painted signs and vegetable gardens and received some instruction on the construction of the Wick garden beds.

 A wick garden has a bed of scoria or small rocks (1/3rd)  then a layer of soil (2/3rds). Down the side of the bed is a  PVC pipe which waters the soil from underneath, unlike a traditional garden bed which waters the soil from above.    This encourages less evaporation and less regular watering.

 Well done to the Lara Hands On Learning teams from Monday and Wednesday and we look forward to seeing more creative projects throughout the year.

 Special thanks to Lara Hands On Learning for hosting the representatives and for supplying Morning Tea.