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Lara Secondary and the Geelong Kokoda Youth Program

15 March 2017

We were very fortunate to have three students nominated to interview for a very special opportunity to trek the Kokoda track. Well done to Zac D,  Jai B, and Owen H in Year 10 for their nominations to be involved in such a prestigious program.  This is a great achievement in itself.

 A special congratulation to our successful  student Owen and teacher leader Neesha Little who have been selected to take part in the Geelong Kokoda Youth Program from September 15th – 25th.    This is a most unique opportunity initiated by Andy Britain, Police Leading Senior Constable Youth Services.  The program is now in it’s fifth year.  Owen will be our third student to participate – and Ms Little our first teacher participant.  

Some of the important objectives of the Geelong Kokoda Youth Program are to:

Provide a positive and life-changing experience

Promote engagement with school, employment, family and the community

Develop leadership skills to encourage leaders within the community

Promote positive interaction with local businesses and government agencies

Learn the largely untold Kokoda story and appreciate what young Australians did during one of the most important campaigns in our country’s history

Experience the local culture, which is vastly different to our lives in Geelong.

Congratulations to both Owen and Ms Little  - both clearly have characteristics to be proud of which will only be further enhanced by this unique opportunity.   I can only wish them the best of luck in the arduous training in preparation for the trip!