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Literacy and Numeracy Week

22 September 2017

Lara Secondary College celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week, from September 4th to 9th, with a range of activities designed to raise the awareness of Literacy and Numeracy in our school. These activities included an Extension Writer’s Workshop, where selected students worked with an experienced English teacher to revise, edit and publish a piece of creative writing that they have since submitted to a magazine for publication. Every lunchtime during the week students were invited to participate in a Read, Relax and Replenish session with Ms Allinson, which included enjoying hot chocolate and fruit, while reading novels in a peaceful environment. Ms Ivermee once again ran a very successful Pi for Pie day, where students earnt a pie for every 10 numerals they could correctly recite of Pi. We finished the week with some friendly Literacy and Numeracy games at a staff morning tea, thanks to our games master Mr Findlay.