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Literacy and Numeracy Week 2015

18 September 2015

In Week 8, Lara Secondary College celebrated National Literacy and Numeracy week. Many students and staff participated in a variety of activities. Year 7 and 8 students competed in class games and activities related to Numeracy and Literacy skills. With exciting prizes to be won the students were extremely enthusiastic about winning.

On Wednesday at lunchtime we had our annual Pi for a Pie day competition. Hundreds of students lined up outside 309 to have a go at reciting pi (3.1415926535) to as many decimal places they could. For every ten places students were awarded with a party pie. We had some very exciting records made in each year level, with David G of Year 10 once again reciting pi to over 100 decimal places. Congratulations David. Congratulations also go to Christine I for reaching 63 decimal places and Chloe B for reaching 50 decimal places.

On Wednesday we also ran an alphabet competition, where students were required to spell out words using their bodies to create the letters. Students worked in teams and weren’t allowed to talk during the process, a very challenging requirement for some students!! We all had a lot of fun watching the students communicating by means other than talking. At lunchtime on Thursday several students enjoyed the opportunity to come to the reading corner and read in relaxing bean bags while drinking hot chocolate. Other students watched a series of short films exploring various themes.

On Thursday morning staff were also involved in Literacy and Numeracy games and puzzles. Congratulations to Jarrod Maine for winning the competition.