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The Science of Light

04 September 2015

August 14th to 21st was National Science Week and at Lara Secondary College, students and staff celebrated with a range of interesting, challenging and yummy activities. Fitting in with this years theme, “The Science of Light”, our Years 7 and 8 students were entertained by the Journeyman’s “Cosmo-dome”, a seven metre diameter, 4 metre high Mobile Planetarium. The Year 7’s watched “An Oasis in Space”, while the Year 8’s experienced an exciting program on “Black Holes”. Both year levels also took part in an interactive commentary on the night sky, commonly observed objects and star-facts.


Students from Years 9 – 12 competed in a two round science quiz series using the Kahoot gaming platform. Six students from each category (9&10’s and 11’s&12’s) competed in the final round in the Library on Friday the 21st of August. Our Years 9/10 champion was Richard-Jacob C from Weird and Wacky World and our Years 11/12 champion was Blake B who studies Physics and Chemistry. Congratulations to these two students, who will be rewarded with an annual Melbourne Museum Membership for their efforts.

In addition to these two events, junior students were given the opportunity to create fluorescent arm bands from special light emitting beads and staff enjoyed some scientifically inspired treats at the ES and Science Week morning tea. Thank you to all the staff and students who helped to make this years Science Week such a success.