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Spine Crackers Book Club Melbourne Excursion

22 August 2016

On Wednesday 3rd August 2016 we did a tour of the Library at the Dock and had a ride on the Melbourne Star Observation wheel.

I liked the library visit , got Pokemon there, and liked lunch. Already been on the wheel. Jaiimyn W . 9 F

It was exciting to tour the library and we got to learn about all that they do there but the ferris wheel was a lot more fun as we could see the entire city.

Christine I 10 C

The Melbourne excursion was amazing.  The dock library tour was great because it was so different than other libraries I have visited.  The Melbourne Star was terrifying but was a great experience.  I thank the 2 librarians for taking us and I’m very glad I went.

Erin S 9 F

The Library by the Dock was so much fun as well as being able to ride the Melbourne Star and see all the major landmarks of Melbourne. Makaeio  9 A