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Spine Crackers visit State Library

16 June 2017

On Wednesday 7th June the Spine crackers travelled by train to Melbourne to the State Library of Victoria. Once at the Library students participated in a Research Skills workshop in the library’s onsite computer lab. The learning focus was for our students to become critical, creative and independent researchers, the workshop also included an introduction to the library’s onsite and online resources as well as advice on researching information via reliable websites.

Tips included restricting searches to educational or government websites to ensure accuracy of the information. We were also given a tour of the beautiful library.

I enjoyed going to the State Library, we learnt about great websites to use for school projects, and we got Starbucks. Anastasia M 10B

The Library was really great because we learnt lots of things about researching. Whilst there we got a tour through the art gallery. One of our favourite paintings was of Melbourne lights at night. They keep a record of Victorian newspapers so you can find out what happened on a certain date. Lucy, Hailey and Kiara Year 7’s