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The Big Day Out 2016

14 June 2016

Is it going to smash? Yep! Smash the egg went!... Zero was the score but the children were excited. Four weeks of researching and investigating, designing, constructing and then trialling seven of the models; we celebrated the successes and discussed and later analysed our failures. What went wrong? What went right? How can we improve our models next time?  Will it fly? Will it fall? These were the whispers of the our Year 7 students on the Science Extravaganza – The Big Day Out !

The day had arrived. The children were excited. They were working in teams. They gathered their models. They stood at their positions, waiting for the word “Go”!

These models were constructed around the topic of ‘Forces’. What did they make? Well… how about an Egg Parachute, a Self propelled boat, a Glider, a Hot Air Balloon, Catapult – catapulting a marshmallow into space, a Sewer Kite, and a super projectile Water Rocket. All members of the tribe contributed to making the models, but with restrictions of course.

Restrictions including size, shape and materials used. Oh, and yes don’t forget about the judging criteria! All models were judged on their distances travelled, time stayed in flight, construction quality and design. However, I believe the most important question of all was…...did the egg break ? !!

Fun, exciting, and competitive. Each tribe competed against the other and each class competed against the other classes. So I look forward to announcing the winners of the Big Day Out soon!

What a great way to show case the hard work our Year 7 students undertook and their commitment to working together to make the topic of Forces exciting! Well done Year 7s’.