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Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) - Fit To Play excursion

14 June 2016

On the 19th of May 2016, Lara Secondary College’s Fit to Play Year 10 class visited the Victorian Institute of Sport as part of our coaching and fitness curriculum. Our day began when we met Kelsey, who is a Melbourne Vixens Netball player who showed us around the first couple of rooms and into the gym, where we sat down and watched some inspirational and informative videos and were introduced to Rick. Rick then put us in groups and gave us a challenge to find two ways to do a push-up with no feet on the ground, with everyone in the group doing it at the same time and a minute to find each method. It was a very difficult task and no one was able to complete the push up, but we were able to figure out what those methods were. After the push-up experiment, we tested our heart rate and pulse by first taking our pulse and then doing a quick workout, then retaking our pulse right after. The class were around the same pulse amount, so that meant we were around the same fitness levels. Rick then brought out a jump mat and everyone tested our vertical leap and a select few students tested out their running speed. After we completed this, we began the proper tour and saw the majority of the rooms including the pool room, gym, stadium, offices and more. As we passed through the gym we came across quite a few players whom were training for the upcoming Rio Olympics. At the end of the tour, we asked questions and the tour concluded and we left.

I really enjoyed this excursion as it was fun, informative and I learnt a lot especially having a netballer leading the tour. A couple of weeks later on the 25th May, Jack Wilson, the Australian golfer, came out to Lara Secondary College as part of the VIS excursion to give us an insight into his story and how he became a professional golfer. He was really interesting and informative, and it has given everyone something to think about for their future pathways decisions.

Tyra M – Year 10 Fit To Play