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14 June 2016

Last week a group of 13 Year 9 students from one of the classes partaking in the Connections program, headed down to Serendip Sanctuary for half the day.

As part of the Wildlife Conservation subject, students have been exposed to a variety of animal encounters and observations. These occurred during visits to Jirrahlinga Koala Sanctuary, Werribee Zoo and Melbourne Zoo. During these excursions and in collaboration with the work done in class, a key focus has been around endangered animals and loss of habitat.

Today, these positive young wildlife advocates from Lara Secondary College gave back to the community and more importantly, to their wildlife. With permission granted via rangers at Serendip Sanctuary, we were able to access approximately one kilometre of park land in which to work on.

Equipped with gardening gloves and numerous mattocks in hand, we spent several hours digging and removing unwanted introduced weeds that are currently destroying the habitat of both kangaroos and emus.  It was incredible to see these spirited teenagers getting right into the work with enthusiasm. The vigorous weeding task was no deterrent for this group as their passion for animals was an obvious driving force. Working together as a team, we were able to clear almost half the paddock of weeds.

This week, the additional Wildlife Conservation class of students will head to Serendip Sanctuary to continue the war on weeds and hopefully win by clearing the remaining paddock.