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Wynspeak Competition

10 June 2015

On Tuesday May 12th students from Lara Secondary College attended the annual Wynspeak Competition run by the Rotary Club. Ethan W and Tate E faced some impressive competition in the senior division and performed admirably. The first round involved speaking to a topic of their choice and Ethan’s speech on global warming was very informative. Tate chose to talk about the Federal Government’s June budget and its impact on society and was very engaging. The second round was impromptu and the boys received a random topic four minutes before having to address the crowd. Once again both boys spoke impressively, particularly in the face of such pressure. A big congratulations to both boys who showed determination, initiative and bravery; public speaking is no easy feat. We encourage students looking to extend themselves and build confidence to seek out this opportunity next year or sign up for debating later this term. Congratulations once again to Ethan and Tate. You did the college proud.

Anna Kelly and Amanda Pitcher