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Year 10 Physical Education

18 September 2017

As part of the Year 10 Physical Education curriculum, students have been working diligently on improving their fitness after learning to design a personal six-week training program. Earlier in the unit, students participated in some testing - in order to gauge their initial level of fitness across a range of components, including aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and muscular strength. Based of these results, students identified an area for improvement and established a clear and measurable goal to work towards through regular exercise and training. After studying the Components of Fitness, Principles of Training and Exercise Program Design in class, students put theory into practice by writing their own six-week training program.

The dedication and enthusiasm for this unit, and in particular our regular visits to Anytime Fitness, has been super impressive. Some students have since taken out memberships and many plan to continue training on completion of this unit. Here’s what a few students said when asked to reflect on their experience to date:

Jacob: I’m excited to continue training outside of school. My aerobic endurance and strength has improved a lot, and I don’t feel as lazy.

Zac: I’m determined to continue exercising. I have gained strength. I can run further and I generally feel more energised.

Momoka: I’m really enjoying training at the gym. It makes me feel more active.

Lachlan: I’ve been really focussed on this program and attended every session. Lifting weights and exercising makes me feel good about myself.

Ketria: I have been very enthusiastic about exercising and I’m keen to continue pushing myself. Training makes me feel energised, pumped and healthy.

Callum: I’ve been motivated and committed to training. I’ve become stronger and can lift heavier weights. It makes me feel energetic and good about myself.