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31 May 2016

*In small groups we discussed when we had felt unsafe in a car, through the feelings we had inside, and when we felt safe in a car. Then we talked about how we could deal with this.

*Reinforced our knowledge of some rules and skills like overtaking.

*We looked at different scenarios and then we wrote down what we would have said in the back seat. We planned alternative choices and actions.

*Looked at and then role played a real life, multiple fatality, case study car crash involving young people. (see image with chairs)

*Viewed some road safety advertisements.

*We had to consider decision making and choices.

*The presenter informed us about the latest hooning laws.

*In groups we brainstormed all the possible distractions to drivers and what you should do and not do while driving.

*We were informed of the latest statistics about deaths and injuries for young drivers.

Nikita C, Braydon T, Ebony R, Jack P, Bryce C & Christine I