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Year 12 Outdoor & Environmental Studies

18 May 2018

Our Year 12 Outdoor & Environmental Studies students have been analysing the changing historical relationships with Australian outdoor environments. This Area of Study explores how humans have perceived, interacted with, and impacted outdoor environments over time - from the first Indigenous communities through to the arrival of Europeans. We had a guest speaker from the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation discuss a range of Indigenous views and practices in the local region. Students also explored the You Yangs via mountain bike under the guidance of Sea Earth Adventures. More recently, students have been examining modern relationships between humans and outdoor environments. This involves discussions around the ways outdoor environments are depicted in different forms of media, as well as the effects of technology and commercialisation. The dynamic nature of relationships between humans and their environment are considered, as well as the social, cultural, economic and political factors that influence these relationships. Field trips include, a surfing lesson with Go Ride A Wave at Torquay, a guided tree top walk and zip-line adventure at the Otway Fly, and a hike along the Great Ocean Walk - camping overnight at Aire River and Johanna Beach.