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Year 7 Camp

04 March 2016

The night air was chilly and the sun was setting leaving the fire that sat in the middle of all the excited year sevens to light up the night. All of our amazing camp group leaders got up and led a song or story. All of the year sevens were joining in the best they could, for most of us lost our voice the previous night at the disco. But let's take you back to the start to explain our journey. The bus ride, although long, was surprisingly amusing with many laughs, jokes and fear for our lives going up the side of the mountain. The scenery was spectacular. On the way up there was a blanket of fog amongst the trees, which gave it an almost magical touch. The trees were massive and towered over head in the sky. The excitement of our first high school camp was ever present as we pulled up the drive to be welcomed by all the cheery group leaders. We got into our activity groups and went and played some get to know you games. After that we got to go and check out our cabins with our new cabin mates. We set off to do one of our activities, which were either - Mountain bike riding - Low ropes - Rock climbing - Canoeing - Orienteering - Bush walk - Initiatives - Grow it cook it Which were awesome. On the first night we had a rocking disco. We played many games including the Limbo and Macarena, we also had a ‘Year Sevens Got Talent’ that proved many people are not what they seem and we learnt a few new tricks and had a great laugh. The teachers got involved taking up the dance floor and made a huge mistake giving us balloons. We danced to the latest hits and finally went to bed around 10pm while having many laughs on the way back to our cabins. We all had a ball and will always remember our camp at Marysville. Thank you to all the teachers that made this life changing trip happen. By Lily and Abby from 7D and 7C