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Year 8 Drama Performance ‘Alice & Peter in Wonderland’

12 June 2015

Written by Pryde and Dion, Year 8.

 Year 8E had the privilege of performing to the Grade 3 & 4 students of Lara Primary School, parents of the cast and some year 8, 9 and 10 classes of LSC. ‘Alice and Peter in Wonderland’ is a story about a brother and sister who follow a white rabbit to the magical world ‘Wonderland’. “The play was a blast and was fun to do. We all had a great time”, said Pryde who played the role of Peter. “I think everyone had a good time and did a really good job and put a lot of effort into it”, expressed Dion who played the memorable role of the March Hare from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Thank you for Miss Pearson our drama teacher for putting this play on!


From Miss Pearson:

Congratulations to the Year 8 C & E Drama students for their successful drama productions last week in the new LSC Performing Arts Complex. You all looked fantastic in costume and your group energy was really buzzing. What a great way to finish off our Semester of Drama! Many thanks to Rob Irvin for his wonderful support in the construction of the stage and lighting and sound for the show. I look forward to seeing many more exciting performances from our budding drama students in the future.