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Year 9 Connections

12 March 2018

 It’s been an exciting introduction to the Connections Program for Year 9 students. As part of the ‘Personal Challenge’ theme for Term 1, each TLC group participated in a series of adventure-based activities designed to take students outside of their comfort zone and further develop skills in teamwork, leadership, organisation, persistence and self-management.

As part of the assessment for this subject, students were expected to complete a Round Table Presentation on the first Tuesday following the holiday break. During these presentations, students are required to provide a detailed account of the aims of the Personal Challenge theme and more specifically, how these aims have been achieved. Students are also required to discuss and provide examples of Employability Skill development and the learning outcomes achieved whilst participating in the physical activities and the overnight hike experience. Finally, students must present their Visual Diary and Employability Skills Workbook for assessment. It was pleasing to see so many confident, well-prepared and highly detailed presentations earlier this week.

Next week, we move into the ‘Together we do Better for the Community and Environment’ phase of the program. Working in small focus groups, students aim to meet the needs of the local community and/or environment, while developing partnerships or ‘Connections’ with organisations and individuals.

If you have any questions regarding the Connections Program please contact me at the College.