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Year 9 Urban Camp

13 November 2015

We have just seen the conclusion of our second and final Year 9 Urban City Camp. Students spent 3 days living in the city, immersing themselves in the city culture. Students were placed into groups based on their interests, which they have been participating in during Connections days.

Students who looked at Art and Fashion were given a tour of Melbourne’s thriving Street Art community as well as participating in their own stencilling workshop. Sport and Recreation focus students had a workout session at one of Melbourne’s inner-city gymnasiums as well as knocking down the pins at Ten-Pin Bowling. Entertainment and Events students joined in at Ten-Pin Bowling and also participated in an immersive DJ-ing course where they created their own tracks. Finally Food and Culture students were treated to a Chinese banquet and an experience at South Melbourne Market.

When the students weren’t in their Connection’s focus groups, students were busy discovering Melbourne in a range of activities. Students learnt about the history of the Melbourne Gaol and Watchhouse, saw the vibrant sea-life at the Melbourne Aquarium, cruised down the Yarra River and were amazed by the big screen at Imax. Students also had some time to do pretty exciting activities, with many students participating in a range of activities that included: Ice-Skating, Swimming and Diving at M-SAC, Crown Cinemas, Galatcic Circus or Eureka Skydeck. Students also learnt how to navigate the city, walking down plenty of streets, catching trams and trains, visiting key tourist hot-spots and learning the basics of staying in the city.

Many students commented that they felt more confident now navigating themselves around Melbourne and were keen to see what Universities in Melbourne would have to offer in 2019!