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22 August 2016

First Game:

We played really well, but we were still learning which was okay. People waited for the ball instead of chasing for it, but we were still learning game tactics and play. We lost a goal but not to our fault, just well played by the opposition Bellarine. We started to develop more defence and midfield play. We kept our structured positions.

Dylan R in his first game at goalkeeper was amazing and must have stopped at least ten shots. Tyler B-M positioned himself well as our high forward, while Matthew B was running fast and going in hard for tackles. The team did create chances to score. Thank you to Kim and the parents who came to watch and support the team.

Second Game:

We stacked in defence, because we were a little hot from the heat, but we maintained our midfield to play well. It would’ve been better if people had gone to the ball instead of waiting for it in defence. We also needed not to be so scared of the ball. We lost 2 goals to Surf Coast. The midfield became tired, but the defence picked up a little. Only 1 goal lost. Still not much action from the offence, because our passes were constantly intercepted leading to a loss of possession. We lost some easy stops and sometimes the goalkeeper’s line of sight was blocked due to our player inexperience, therefore losing a goal.

Leif was able to repel the opposition with some first time hits. Jakob M played CHB beautifully and was always looking to pass to his team mates. Oliver J was helping get passes into the forward line.

*These two teams eventually played off the grand final and we played with only 10 players all day.*

Consolation Final:

First Half- We lost a consecutive amount of goals due to the goalkeeper’s view being obstructed. We finally got some shots on goals, but were unsuccessful due to outstanding defence by Western Heights.

Connor E made one great clearance from the goal circle to repel the opposition attack.

Second Half – We were outnumbered 8-12 (they had an extra player on the field at one stage), as 2 players were not feeling up to playing on. However, we actually played more consistently and maintained possession. We were able to have more shots at goal and defended our goal more efficiently.

Dylan R had a run in attack and Matthew B had a go at goalkeeping. Nate C put himself in defence and found this was more to his liking and skill set. Alex P’s strong free hits were a feature. Ben G’s consistent stopping, pushing and effective tackling was evident.

(Off the field we did get some ribbing from two opposition players, but we won that word joust.) Overall rating for Teamwork 6/10; 8/10 for Player Attitude!

Although the boys didn’t score a goal they created chances and kept the opposition to low scores. Tremendous commitment to training sessions enabled an inexperienced team to perform admirably up against more experienced opposition. They have all improved their skills and knowledge of the game and most players could confidently join a local club or team.

From on the field reporters Ben G, Jakob M, Nate C, Connor E & Alex P with editorial assistance from Mrs Thompson