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Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) - Fit To Play excursion

14 June 2016

On the 19th of May 2016, Lara Secondary College’s Fit to Play Year 10 class visited the Victorian Institute of Sport as part of our coaching and fitness curriculum. Our day began when we met Kelsey, who is a Melbourne Vixens Netball player who showed us around the first couple of rooms and into the gym, where we sat down and watched some inspirational and informative videos and were introduced to Rick. Rick then put us in groups and gave us a challenge to find two ways to do a push-up with no…

Take Over

14 June 2016

On May 25th and 26th students from Miss Fitzgerald's Year 10 Centre Stage, Year 11 & 12 VCE Drama along with Miss Pearson’s Year 9 Performance Elective, Year 10 Performing Arts elective and her 11/12 VCAL Drama showcased their new devised work from the Semester at the Take Over short play festival at GPAC across the two evenings. The work presented was very diverse from ridiculously hilarious comedy to more complex, moving and powerful work from the senior students. Congratulations to all o…

Drama Squad

14 June 2016

Miss Fitzgerald’s Drama club known as Drama Squad has hit the ground running with a hip hop dance workshop from Dance Initiative Productions and a circus workshop lead by former student Leigh Rhodes who is in his final year at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. Here are some pictures from the circus workshop where students had to tumble, cartwheel, juggle and partner balance! And a death defying human pyramid was thrown in for good measure. Still to come for the Drama Squad; a songwriting…

The Big Day Out 2016

14 June 2016

Is it going to smash? Yep! Smash the egg went!... Zero was the score but the children were excited. Four weeks of researching and investigating, designing, constructing and then trialling seven of the models; we celebrated the successes and discussed and later analysed our failures. What went wrong? What went right? How can we improve our models next time?  Will it fly? Will it fall? These were the whispers of the our Year 7 students on the Science Extravaganza – The Big Day Out !

The day had…

Year 7 Girls Soccer Report

31 May 2016

Everyone contributed.

We were the worst team, we lost all our games, but we played fair.

It was fun.

We had to learn new things and get to know new people.

We were persistent.

We had good teamwork and sportsmanship.

I got to know all the other girls better.

We still tried and participated and winning didn’t matter.

Everyone worked well as a team.

We got stronger the longer we played and we can win next year!

Lily S, Skye R, Shannon M, Paris T, Erin D, Keisha R, Nykita C, She…

Slam Poetic - Luka Lesson

31 May 2016

On Monday afternoon Slam Poetic Luka Lesson came to share some of his amazing poetry with the Year Seven students at LSC. He entertained the students with his amazing ability to turn his life stories into prose and even had a Rap Battle with Ben Pike from 7B. This was an awesome introduction to the unit of work on poetry that we are starting in Year Seven next week.




31 May 2016

*In small groups we discussed when we had felt unsafe in a car, through the feelings we had inside, and when we felt safe in a car. Then we talked about how we could deal with this.

*Reinforced our knowledge of some rules and skills like overtaking.

*We looked at different scenarios and then we wrote down what we would have said in the back seat. We planned alternative choices and actions.

*Looked at and then role played a real life, multiple fatality, case study car crash involving young…

Lara hosts Regional Hands On Learning meeting.

23 May 2016

On Monday 18th of April, Aaron and Rob from the Lara Hands On Learning program, hosted the Geelong Regional Hands On Learning Artisans and Teachers meeting for Term 2.

Representatives from the 5 Geelong schools who operate the Hands On Learning program (Bellarine Oberon, Grovedale, Northern Bay and Lara) were shown around the Lara Hands On Learning shed. They heard about the recent stage construction and were shown some of the project work including the recycled pallet furniture and the bil…

TAKE OVER GPAC 2016 - Rehearsals

23 May 2016

Applied Learning PDS Foods Excursion - Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food

23 May 2016

Over the past 4 weeks, we have been going to Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Moorabool Street, Geelong. We catch the train there and back each Thursday. Throughout the 4 weeks we have made yellow chicken curry with rice, learned various ways to cook eggs, cooked spaghetti with meatballs, feta and mint salad and pear crumble with custard.

So far I have learnt how to time and cook eggs perfectly. I have enjoyed cooking at Jamie’s Ministry of Food because we cook harder foods and all different types…