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21 August 2015

We would like to tell you all about Medieval Day, which was held a few weeks ago. All of our comments are from the Reflections of 7E and 7F. In the Games activity we learnt that people used what they had available like pieces of wood or a wooden club – not very high tech. They played a lot of games at the taverns and there were gambling games where people tried to win money or food by betting – a lot like today. They were sometimes brutal and violent, like Hit the Kettle, so some of us got hit …

FIT TO PLAY HIKE August 2015

21 August 2015

On the 5th -7 th August the Fit To Play class went on a three day hike up to the Grampians, as part our curriculum for Term 3. Once we got everything on the bus we headed off. We stopped at a road house on the way for lunch and after a long drive up there we arrived in Halls Gap. Once we got there we stopped at the shops to buy our things for dinner, then we went to our campsite where we were staying for the next three days. When we got there everyone pitched their tents and got ready to go to …

Year 9 into 10 Information Evening is on Wednesday 12th August

14 August 2015

The Year 9 into 10 Information Evening is on Wednesday 12th August from 6pm – 7:30pm.

The aim of this event is to support our Year 9 students to make an informed decision about their Year 10 program for 2016. The Year 10 teaching team will be present to support you to improve your understanding of the Year 10 Core, Elective and Central Study subjects on offer, as well as the Accelerated Learning Program and VET/SBA programs that are available. During the evening, you will have your first op…

Celebrating Lara Secondary – a community school.

31 July 2015

Lara Secondary College has been nominated for the Lara Business Award. We were recently interviewed by Damian Foster Manager of the Lara District Community Bank and Natalie Candy, Vice President Lara Chamber of Commerce. During the interview we were able to share a significant number of community initiatives and celebrate the broad range of community group contributions to our school. Clive Allen Paisley is to be acknowledged as Community Liaison Leader for his extensive work in supporting the …

National winners of yLead project ACTION

27 July 2015

Each year yLead works with thousands of student leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, developing their leadership skills and abilities. Project: ACTION gives students the opportunity to put these skills into action to make a positive change in their school or community.

As a part of the 2015 Project: ACTION, students planned, developed and implemented a project that has never been done before in our community relating to Cultural Sustainability in our celebration day of Cultural Dive…


26 June 2015

Students involved in the Connections Fish for the Future focus group have been learning about local fish stocking initiatives, recreational fishing guidelines, effects of introduced species, marine parks, commercial fish harvesting processes and various other marine and environmental issues. The program also aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop their angling skills, including learning to tie basic knots and rigs, the importance of bait presentation, casting and retrieving, c…

Year 8 Drama Performance ‘Alice & Peter in Wonderland’

12 June 2015

Centre Stage Pantomime Performance Review

12 June 2015


End of Semester Music Evening

12 June 2015

Student Free Day Tuesday 16th June 2015

10 June 2015

Tuesday 16th June will be a STUDENT FREE DAY— Staff Professional Learning Day