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National winners of yLead project ACTION

27 July 2015

Each year yLead works with thousands of student leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, developing their leadership skills and abilities. Project: ACTION gives students the opportunity to put these skills into action to make a positive change in their school or community.

As a part of the 2015 Project: ACTION, students planned, developed and implemented a project that has never been done before in our community relating to Cultural Sustainability in our celebration day of Cultural Dive…


26 June 2015

Students involved in the Connections Fish for the Future focus group have been learning about local fish stocking initiatives, recreational fishing guidelines, effects of introduced species, marine parks, commercial fish harvesting processes and various other marine and environmental issues. The program also aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop their angling skills, including learning to tie basic knots and rigs, the importance of bait presentation, casting and retrieving, c…

Year 8 Drama Performance ‘Alice & Peter in Wonderland’

12 June 2015

Centre Stage Pantomime Performance Review

12 June 2015


End of Semester Music Evening

12 June 2015

Student Free Day Tuesday 16th June 2015

10 June 2015

Tuesday 16th June will be a STUDENT FREE DAY— Staff Professional Learning Day

Planning to Save Lives – Ambulance Victoria program

10 June 2015

The inaugural Linking with Ambulance Victoria program was a huge hit. Tate, Year 10, was one of the lucky students who was offered a place in the week long program. Students were advised about a range of job roles as well as paramedics, and also learnt about leadership, teamwork, appropriate risk taking, communication, and health promotion.

Tate’s Report

On the 27/4/ 15 myself and 13 other students from completely different schools came together to see what it was like at a branch. Fourte…

Wynspeak Competition

10 June 2015

A glowing report for Hands on Learning

19 May 2015

On Friday May 8ththe Hands On Learning (HOL) team met with Roger Fisher from Frankston High School to show him what the program is and how is runs. Roger had a glowing endorsement of the program and the students and staff involved. He also commented that “students really appear to be gaining a great deal from their exposure to the trade experiences”. The students have created new lockers for a local gym and a new gate to allow the school mini bus to more easily access the garage area. The stu…

A visit from 'Fly Bz'

19 May 2015

On Tuesday the 5th of May our Senior Students were visited by Australian rap group “Fly Bz”. The group members are uncle and nephew ‘Clik Fablice’ and ‘G-Storm’, who have called Australia home since 2007 when they came here as refugees. They use rap and hip-hop to tell their story, including times of immense struggle living in refugee camps in Tanzania and Burundi. They shared an important message with our students, that education and knowledge is powerful, and that no matter how we may appea…