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Lara hosts Regional Hands On Learning meeting.

23 May 2016

On Monday 18th of April, Aaron and Rob from the Lara Hands On Learning program, hosted the Geelong Regional Hands On Learning Artisans and Teachers meeting for Term 2.

Representatives from the 5 Geelong schools who operate the Hands On Learning program (Bellarine Oberon, Grovedale, Northern Bay and Lara) were shown around the Lara Hands On Learning shed. They heard about the recent stage construction and were shown some of the project work including the recycled pallet furniture and the bil…

TAKE OVER GPAC 2016 - Rehearsals

23 May 2016

Applied Learning PDS Foods Excursion - Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food

23 May 2016

Over the past 4 weeks, we have been going to Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Moorabool Street, Geelong. We catch the train there and back each Thursday. Throughout the 4 weeks we have made yellow chicken curry with rice, learned various ways to cook eggs, cooked spaghetti with meatballs, feta and mint salad and pear crumble with custard.

So far I have learnt how to time and cook eggs perfectly. I have enjoyed cooking at Jamie’s Ministry of Food because we cook harder foods and all different types…


29 April 2016

Congratulations to our People and Places Central Studies Class for their organisation of a very moving  ANZAC COMMEMORATIVE CEREMONY last week. We were very fortunate to have guests from the Lara Returned Serviceman’s League join us on the day, with Bruce Challoner speaking with enormous emotion and passion.  It is a rare occasion when over 800 student and teachers are silenced by the stories of the past in memory of our fallen soldiers.  Enormous respect was paid on the day by every stud…

LSC Athletics 2016

29 April 2016

Congratulations to all students who participated in our Annual House Athletics Carnival. A big thanks to Mr Malcolm, the House Teachers and Captains, and all staff who officiated on the day to make the day a success. The winning house was Serendip closely followed by Hovell. There were some wonderful performances by students from all houses. We held a Presentation Assembly yesterday, where the House Captains of Serendip, Thewin and Angus, accepted the Winners Shield on behalf of their house. Ag…

YEAR 10 OUTDOOR EDUCATION: Team Building & Water Safety

04 March 2016

The Year 10 Outdoor Education program commenced with a series of hands - on initiative tasks, trust activities and small team challenges designed to further develop students’ skills in teamwork, communication, organisation and problem solving. Students have sinc e b een working towards developing an understanding of the dangers associated with adventuring in and around various water environments and h ow to minimise the risk of injury or drowning. As part of their assessment, students are requi…

Year 7 Camp

04 March 2016

The night air was chilly and the sun was setting leaving the fire that sat in the middle of all the excited year sevens to light up the night. All of our amazing camp group leaders got up and led a song or story. All of the year sevens were joining in the best they could, for most of us lost our voice the previous night at the disco. But let's take you back to the start to explain our journey. The bus ride, although long, was surprisingly amusing with many laughs, jokes and fear for our lives g…

Congratulations Mr.Mitri!

04 March 2016

John Erin, Minister Veterans Affairs, visited Lara Secondary College early this week to congratulate our teacher, David Mitri. Mr Mitri is one of three Victorian teacher chaperones selected for this year’s Premiers’s Spirit of Anzac Prize study tour which will visit Gallipoli and the Western Front. This follows his selection on the 2015 Dawn Service Tour. We know that our students and our school will benefit from Mr Mitri’s experiences on this very special tour. Congratulations Mr Mitri!

Year 9 Connections Program 2016

22 February 2016

Over the past week students have moved into the Physical Challenge phase of the Connections Program. This involves TLC groups participating in a series of activities designed to take students outside of their comfort zone and allow them to further develop skills in teamwork, leadership, organisation, persistence and self-management. Our first group to tackle to over night hike was 9B and we are pleased to report that each and every student participated admirably in all aspects of the experience…

Information Evening

17 February 2016