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Year 12 Outdoor & Environmental Studies

18 May 2018

Our Year 12 Outdoor & Environmental Studies students have been analysing the changing historical relationships with Australian outdoor environments. This Area of Study explores how humans have perceived, interacted with, and impacted outdoor environments over time - from the first Indigenous communities through to the arrival of Europeans. We had a guest speaker from the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation discuss a range of Indigenous views and practices in the local region. Students also ex…

HOL - Parliament Showcase

04 May 2018

A few privileged Lara Hands On Learning (HOL) students, joined HOL students from schools across Victoria for a HOL Showcase at Parliament House at the end of first term. It was remarkably well received. Politicians from both sides were in agreement about how wonderful and inspiring the work on display was, and how much they appreciated the opportunity to acknowledge the work of the Hands on Learning students and Artisan-teachers. This success was only possible because of the caliber of student …

ANZAC Day (1)

04 May 2018

A whole school assembly was held on Thursday 24th April to celebrate Anzac Day. We were honoured to have Mr Bruce Challenor in attendance as President of Lara RSL, along with other local dignatories. Mr Challenor shared a story of a local Lara resident who had fought in the war, and of his mother’s anguish learning of his death and being unable to identify a burial site for him due to the intense battles that decimated where he had been buried. Mr Aaron Butters sang ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and did a…

Year 9 Connections

12 March 2018

 It’s been an exciting introduction to the Connections Program for Year 9 students. As part of the ‘Personal Challenge’ theme for Term 1, each TLC group participated in a series of adventure-based activities designed to take students outside of their comfort zone and further develop skills in teamwork, leadership, organisation, persistence and self-management.

As part of the assessment for this subject, students were expected to complete a Round Table Presentation on the first Tuesday followi…

Year 7 Food Technology

07 March 2018

Year 7E Food Technology class loved making Berry Muffins. Great to see all of the smiling faces as some of our newest students settle into their years of secondary school.


Year 7 Camp Marysville

23 February 2018

It was great to see Year 7 students make new friends and develop team-work skills on our Year 7 Camp in Marysville. Bushwalking, Canoeing, Cycling, Rock-Climbing, Orienteering and Cooking were all on offer for all students throughout each day. Not to mention the Disco, Campfire and Games. It was great to see our students displaying our school values whilst on camp when interacting with all external staff. 




Year 7 Instrumental Music Try Outs

09 February 2018

This week, students from Year Seven were given the chance to try some of the instruments that Lara Secondary College has on offer. The students had a ball creating all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds, on a range of brass and woodwind instruments. Thanks to all the Year Seven students who jumped in and had a go. Also, thanks to the Year Seven TLC teachers for supporting Miss Newman through this process.

Instrumental Music Lessons Private instrumental lessons are already in full swing. Miss…


07 November 2017

Some Grade 5 and 6 students from Lara Lake and Lara Primary were selected to complete some science extension lessons here at Lara Secondary College. The students learnt about chromatography and made some amazing designs using chromatography techniques on canvas bags.

Trip to Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory

07 November 2017

On the 19th of October Idris, Jai, Cindy, Lizzy, Shannon, Kayla, Mrs Niblett and myself departed Geelong very early heading for Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory. After a bus ride, three flights and a bumpy ride in the back of a troop carrier we had arrived at Culture College. Over the 6 days, we all took part in embracing the local indigenous culture by learning about their traditions, language, history and way of living. This was a great experience for our students which gave them memories …

Literacy and Numeracy Week

22 September 2017

Lara Secondary College celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week, from September 4th to 9th, with a range of activities designed to raise the awareness of Literacy and Numeracy in our school. These activities included an Extension Writer’s Workshop, where selected students worked with an experienced English teacher to revise, edit and publish a piece of creative writing that they have since submitted to a magazine for publication. Every lunchtime during the week students were invited to participate…