Keep 'em Safe

Lara Secondary College is committed to the healthy development and wellbeing of our students. We recognise the need for an ongoing and dynamic school program to educate and support our students to delay adolescent alcohol use and to create a solid foundation for supporting students in appropriate decision making.  This is achieved by strengthening positive school, parental and community attitudes towards delaying the use of alcohol. Besides the obvious health and wellbeing benefits research shows that the delaying the intake of alcohol by students increases their academic outcomes.

Our partnership with Keep ‘em Safe and also Communities that Care has been ground-breaking, seeing Lara Secondary College being selected, as the school of choice in Geelong to roll out the Smart Generation Program in the region.

Lara Secondary College with Keep ‘em Safe worked to design  the Brains for Life curriculum which we have introduced very successfully within our own school. Our next step is the ongoing development and distribution of the curriculum across the state and ultimately, the whole of Australia.

“Brains for Life” was successfully launched in 2012 with Year 7 students, parents, teachers and community leaders in conjunction with the “Smart Generation” community project. The overwhelming endorsement of the curriculum at the launch and in the subsequent two years is showing that Brains for Life is a positive and motivating program for educating and engaging early adolescent students, parents, schools and communities to support each other to reduce adolescent alcohol use and prevent alcohol related harm among our young people.