Our Leadership Team


Our distributive leadership model ensures that all teachers are engaged and passionate in their work and workplace.  Our Senior Leadership Team of Principal class and seven Leading Teachers is supported by Year Level Program Leaders who together make up the Leadership team, drive the direction and focus for our school.  

Thinking and Living teachers at each of our classes in years 7 – 9 and Pathways teachers in years 10 – 12 provide the safety and security necessary for students to feel strongly connected to their teachers, their peers and their school.

Principal Team

Sarah Foley

Assistant Principal Middle Years

Tania O'Callaghan

Assistant Principal, Senior Years

Wayne Terrill


Business Manager

Shirley Niblett

Business Manager

Leading Teachers

Dave Mitri

Leading Teacher, Wellbeing

Carly Hastie

Leading Teacher, Student Learning

Dean Findlay

Leading Teacher, Numeracy

Aaron Hassett

Leading Teacher, Applied Learning

Kane Dougherty

Leading Teacher, Middle Years

Kate Ivermee

Leading Teacher, Curriculum Innovation

Ben Johnson

Leading Teacher, Senior Years

Tracy Allinson

Leading Teacher, Literacy

Program Leaders

Sonia Tkaczuk

Program Leader, Year 7

Tim Hebbard

Program Leader, Year 8

Adrian Morrow

Program Leader, Year 9

Tyron Norman

Program Leader, Year 10

Omar Lewis

Program Leader, Year 11

Sarah King

Program Leader, Year 12