Principal's Welcome

LARA Secondary College is a great school for many reasons.

(1)Common Instructional Teaching Model

All teachers at the College deliver their lessons in an agreed Common Instructional Model based on the implementation of 9 evidence based High Yield Teaching strategies. Such teaching strategies are implemented in order to gain high level achievement growth for all students across Years 7 – 12. Teaching staff regularly collaborate to ensure high quality teaching strategies are implemented across every class within the College.

(2)Student Engagement Policy

The College implements very clear guidelines in relation to student management and health and wellbeing. Such clear and concise documentation enables all people involved with our College to develop a real sense of pride and belonging to the College. Respect of oneself and each other is a strong focus of the College.

(3)School Improvement Policy

We believe that all students learn at different rates. It is for this reason that all students from Year 7 – 10 have the opportunity to improve their first result on a Common Assessment Task, if they believe with an extra week of study and more effort, they will fully understand the topic being studied and therefore obtain a better grade. We provide opportunities for all students to understand that the amount of effort they place into their studies will ultimately determine their level of academic success. ‘Attitude not Aptitude, will determine your Altitude’

(4)Academic Scholarships at Year 7 and Year 10

The College offers Academic Scholarships at Year 7 and Year 10 to the value of $500 each year for 3 years duration. The Academic Scholarships help support those students who are academically talented and ensure they are financially supported in reaching their high academic potential throughout their years in secondary school. Such students are also able to access our Year 7 – 9 Enrichment Classes where they will undertake more challenging curriculum work, amongst students of similar abilities.

(5)Extra – Curricula Programs

The College offers a wide range of Extra –Curricula Programs including Performing Arts Evenings, Senior and Junior Music Evenings, Inter School Sports, Youth Parliament, Homework Club, SRC Leadership Involvement, School for Student Leadership Program, Year 9 Connections Program, International Exchange Programs, Upstart Business Ideas Program and many more.

 The College implements a Professional Learning Community framework, to enable us to closely monitor individual student learning and ensure students understand where and how they can continue to improve. Our vision and direction is guided by our values of EXCELLENCE, TEAMWORK, COMMITMENT AND RESPECT which is centred on our College Motto – Realise Your Potential.

 At Lara Secondary College every student is supported to be their best and learn to their full potential in an environment where teachers are passionate about their work and their students.   

 We know that relationships between students and teachers have a large impact on student learning and our work. We understand that students learn best when they relate well to their teachers, when they feel safe and secure.

 Our intensive pastoral care curriculum across Years 7 - 12 includes a structured program to support the development of academic success, individual self-esteem, learning confidence, resilience and persistence, as well as the essential ability to relate positively to others. We pride ourselves on strong and positive relationships between staff and students and work with passion and enthusiasm to ensure that every student gains the maximum benefit from their secondary education at Lara Secondary College.

College Tours are available any time throughout the week, however parents are encouraged to make contact with the College and make arrangements for a mutually convenient time during the day. The College phone number is 5282 8988


Mr. Wayne Terrill