Teaching Staff

Our Teachers

Lara Secondary College boasts a highly skilled, committed and diverse team of teachers. Our staff are passionate about individual student success and work collaboratively in a highly structured environment to ensure that wellbeing is always at the forefront of decisions and that student learning is maximized.

The single cohesive element that unites our teachers as a team is their commitment to education and to building relationships with our students. This enhances our capacity to achieve optimum educational outcomes for all of our students to enable every individual to “realise your potential”.

Staff List

First Name Last Name Position
Joel Armitage Teacher
Helen Brunacci Teacher
Alan Buckingham Teacher
Kelly Butler Teacher
John Calnin Teacher
Belinda Cauberg Teacher
Meaghan Clark Teacher
Tom Collier Teacher
Rohan Donnelly Teacher
Kane Dougherty Teacher
Trent Edwards Teacher
Dean Findlay Teacher
Michelle Fitzgerald Teacher
Sascha Foster Teacher
Robert Galtry Teacher
Brenton Hodges Teacher
Anita Jaboor Teacher
Kim Joblin Teacher
Sarah King Teacher
Omar Lewis Teacher
Neesha Little Teacher
Jarrod Maine Teacher
Aaron Malcolm Teacher
Kerry Mills Teacher
David Mitri Teacher
Rebecca Newman Teacher
Natali Arlic Teacher
Tracy Allinson Teacher
Kacey Ambrus Teacher
Jill Baird Teacher
Danielle Shay Teacher
Lucy Collins Teacher
Haddon Gelai Teacher
Meridith Thompson Teacher
Aaron Hassett Teacher
Scott Thompson Teacher
Daniel Tomkin Teacher
Carly Hastie Teacher
Tim Hebbard Teacher
Louise Van Dugteren Teacher
Daniel Hesket Teacher
Catherine Vest gerdtz Teacher
Glenda Ward Teacher
Alana Ingles Teacher
Leah Innes Teacher
Trung Nguyen Teacher
Ben Johnson Teacher
Anna Kelly Teacher
Frith Knappet Teacher
Dave Mitri Teacher
Adrian Morrow Teacher
Tyron Norman Teacher
Amanda Pitcher Teacher
Katherine Polak Teacher
Lana Ryder Teacher
Elyshia Sheldon Teacher
Faye Smith Teacher
Shaun Taylor Teacher
Sonia Tkaczuk Teacher
Suzan White Teacher