Year 10

The Senior Years at Lara Secondary College focuses on finding the best possible pathway for each individual student. In working with individual students the Senior Years team in consultation with students and families determines an appropriate Pathway from the compulsory years of schooling through to further education or employment, for each individual student.

This means supporting all students to make informed choices based on their interests, abilities and aspirations for the future. It means providing highly relevant programs that challenge, motivate, engage and capture the imaginations of all students.

This is achieved in Year 10 by:

  • A Pathways program that focuses on the needs of each individual student in terms of achieving their academic potential and finding a direction that suits them individually
  • Year 10 Central Studies Programs that explore interest areas such as science, visual arts, humanities, sport and outdoor education, performing arts, business and applied learning. These programs provide both an intensive and integrated approach which highlights real world applications
  • Year 10 Core Studies in Mathematics and English that are aligned to both student interest and ability
  • A Careers Counsellor provides support for students in individual career and pathway planning
  • Year 10 Elective Studies that complement the core and central studies programs by providing breadth and variety in the arts, technology, sciences and humanities. This program also provides the possibility of acceleration into VET or VCE subjects
  • The Year 10 Camps program provides opportunities for students to participate in a broad range of experiences including overseas and interstate trips