Year 7

Lara Secondary College’s middle years approach is based on a wealth of experience and knowledge from across the world.

Best practice research has highlighted the special needs of young adolescents, an understanding of how learning occurs for this specific group and how in the 21st century we can best provide for your child’s future.

Middle years students require Relevance in their learning environments, where there can be clear links made between “learning” and the real world through the provision of authentic tasks. Rigour creates and supports high expectations where individuals are supported to work to achieve their very best on an individual and team basis. Yet research has clearly indicated that the most important factor in determining student success is the Relationship between the student and teacher.

To this end we have established:

  • Teaching approaches that recognize the individual needs of all students
  • A focus on the development of student directed and independent learning – teaching students how to learn
  • An inquiry based approach to learning
  • Learning spaces to provide for the specific needs of Middle Years students
  • An extensive pastoral care program which incorporates thinking and living skills in all classes (TLC)
  • Large blocks of learning time for in depth learning – four 75 minute sessions per day
  • iSucceed iPad program
  • Explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy skills
  • Individualised support through intervention and extension