Year 9

Lara Secondary College offers a unique program based on the research which identifies that Year 9 students are at a very special stage in their learning. Students approaching Year 9 experience profound physical, social, emotional and intellectual changes associated with the gradual period of transition from childhood to adulthood.

At year 9 students become more complex thinkers and are able to apply logical reasoning processes. They are more flexible and have the capacity to regulate their learning and to expand and organise their thinking in more complex ways. They seek deeper connections between their learning and the world around them and explore how learning might be applied in that world. They need to experience learning in work and community settings as well as the classroom.

At Lara Secondary College our program has extended the focus on student directed learning, placed emphasis on the building of work place competencies and provided supportive intervention and extension programs. At the same time we continue to build on the explicit teaching of key skills.