Transition from primary school

The transition from primary  to secondary school is an exciting and important time for students and their families.  We have developed  a rigorous process to support all students in ensuring that they feel safe and secure in their new environment prior to the start of their Year 7 program.  We have particularly strong partnerships with our local primary schools including  Lara Primary School and Lara Lake Primary School, along with Little River and Anakie Primary and work with particular focus to support students  joining us from small or isolated schools.

The transition from primary school is devised to ensure that every individual feels comfortable in their new environment, building friendships and confidence through a range of activities and programs.

Programs currently running to support the successful transition of students from primary school to secondary school include:

  • A full day’s orientation to Lara Secondary College prior to the start of the school year
  • Information evening for parents and prospective students
  • Open days
  • Literacy and numeracy evening
  • Lara Secondary College "Into Primary Schools Science" program
  • Maths extension group for Grade 5 and 6 students run at Lara Secondary College
  • Reciprocal classroom visits between Grade 5/6 teachers and Year 7 teachers, an extensive program of shared learning with Grade 5/6 and Year 7 students.
  • Discussions with Grade 6 teachers of students ability and welfare
  • Meeting all students at their primary school prior to orientation day activities
  • Combined activity/celebration days between secondary school and primary schools
  • Peer support programs run by Lara Secondary College students at primary school

Transition from smaller schools / schools outside Lara area:

  • Small schools orientation afternoon prior to main orientation day
  • A full day’s orientation to Lara Secondary College prior to the start of the school year
  • Lara Secondary College teachers visit all schools to meet students and talk with teachers prior to orientation day

If you would like further information about our Transition Program please do not hesitate in contacting our Year 7 Program Leader,  Sonia Tkaczuk.

or  Assistant Principal, Middle Years -  Sarah Foley