Camps and Trips - Local and Overseas

An extensive camps program supports student growth and development. The opportunity for involvement in camps and trips provides the opportunity for our students to:

  • Develop maturity, independence and responsibility
  • Build self esteem and self confidence
  • Foster an appreciation for the environment
  • Expose students to new experiences
  • Encourage and develop team work
  • Develop confidence in coping well in new places and situations
  • Encourage a sense of exploration

Camps offered on a regular basis include:

Year 7 camp

  • Camp Marysville

Year 9 Connections camps:  

  • Two day overnight hike in the Otway Ranges
  • Melbourne city orientation camp

Year 10 Trips:

Year 10 trips challenge students to experience new settings and activities and may include trips to: 

  • New Zealand - Ski trip

Overseas travel opportunities for multi- level groups may be offered.

Trips may include:

  • Duke of Edinburgh e.g. Nepal or Borneo
  • LOTE: Indonesia or Malaysia
  • Sister school: Kumomoto Japan