Lara Secondary College is proud to be a member of the Debaters Association of Victoria, and part of their annual debating competition. The event is comprised of a series of highly competitive debating rounds which spans nineteen school regions.

Lara Secondary College boasts two successful teams competing in the senior section and two in the junior. These consist of four to six rounds of debates, held in the evening against other schools in the Barwon Region. Students are presented with a topic in advance of their debate, and must prepare thoroughly during school time, as well as at home.

In competition with other schools, students further develop valuable oral presentation skills, as well as building confidence in themselves and striving for excellence. Along with this, students learn discipline and respect by adhering to the strict rules of formal debate. Our students also develop a strong ethic of teamwork, all the while forming long-lasting friendships with their fellow debaters.

As an extra-curricular commitment, Lara Secondary College's debating students are very dedicated, and work diligently to ensure that we are presenting the strongest case possible in every competitive round.